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Clear Aligner Australia

Read our frequently asked questions Clear aligner course Australia.


When can I start?

You can start at any time! Our courses and Diploma programs are offered only as online mode of study. All programs are self-paced and content is available online via a 24/7 e-learning portal.

How much time will I need to commit each week to complete the course in 12 months?

We recommend committing 7-12 hours per week to complete the Australian accredited 10905NAT Graduate Diploma course in the 12-18 month time frame. Please note 50% of this time commitment is spent in your own clinics taking orthodontic records and commencing treatments with clear aligners.

For a more concise and shorter training program, you can choose from a list of courses here 

Is there any face-to-face training?

There is no travel required for completion of any of our courses or diploma programs.

 Our face-to-face training is online and interactive and there is no travel required.There are several 1:1 coaching sessions included with Dr Vandana Katyal, Orthodontist to guide you with your cases when you enrol in the AU-accredited 10905NAT Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatments.

We also have an innovative clear aligner in-office program which is presented to you as videos of procedures from actual patients being treated in Dr Katyal’s office, all via your secure e-learning portal.

What support is available during the BOSS Diplomas?

You will have access to a secured online group discussion forum as well as access to a private chat channel with Dr Katyal 24/7 to ask any clinical questions. You can also discuss your cases live on a monthly basis by sharing your screen with Dr Katyal via zoom during our case discussion webinars.

You will also receive feedback during the 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr Katyal. This option is only available with our 10905NAT AU-Accredited Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatments.

What is the difference between the Australian-accredited and UK Accredited course?

The Australian accredited course is a nationally recognised program which is endorsed by ASQA and awarded by our approved Registered Training Organisation (The Digital Orthodontic College). A total of 400 hours of CPD are earned through this course. This course requires 2-7 hours of study per week for 12-18 months depending on your level of experience. The course includes 1-1 specialist mentoring as well as the opportunity to observe online in-office clinical sessions recorded in Dr Katyal’s practice in Sydney. The assessments required to complete this program are case-based, requiring treatment of clear aligner patients in your own clinic. It is best suited to a beginner or intermediate learner in orthodontics who requires the coaching and mentoring for their cases.

The UK course is accredited by EduQual in the UK (EduQual Level 7). A total of 100 hours of CPD are earned in this course. This course requires 1-2 hours of study per week for 10-12 months depending on your level of experience. This course is 100% ONLINE, requiring no travel. It does not include 1-1 coaching or attendance at clinical sessions, however these can be added on for an additional fee. The assessments are mostly done online and do not require any clear aligner patients to commence treatment in your practice. This is best suited to the intermediate or advanced learner who has done some orthodontic courses.

Download our course comparison chart here.


If I can’t attend a webinar, will I be given a recording?

Yes, all webinars are recorded and uploaded to the e-learning platform within 72 hours after the live event

Do you teach braces?

We do not focus on fixed appliances. The course focuses on clear aligners but some fundamentals of fixed appliances in orthodontics will be taught. Clear aligners are often more predictable, faster and efficient when used with evidence-based methods. Because it is mostly digital, the skills required to treat clear aligners cases are often obtained faster than for braces.

What post nominals can I use on completion?

The post nominals for our two different diploma programs are PGDip Dig. Orth. (UK) and Grad Dip Dig. Orth. (AU).

Why should you enrol in the BOSS Diplomas?

You can master clear aligners at your own pace and receive an AU or UK accredited diploma. They are flexible, online and require no travel. You can start at any time you wish. The AU diploma will also provide 1-1 coaching.

All diplomas are led by an Orthodontist and an accredited
trainer and provide many levels of support during and after the course.

The Digital Orthodontic College is a Registered Training Organisation in Australia (RTO ID 45506) and the UK, bringing you quality assurance and relevance in our education to you.


I have no experience with orthodontics or clear aligners, can I still do this course?

Yes! The AU accredited 1905NAT Graduate Diploma is designed and suitable for beginners. It includes a higher levels of support such as 1-1 coaching with an orthodontist for your orthodontic cases.

Do I need accreditation from a clear aligner company before starting?

Yes, you will need to have accreditation and access to a clear aligner system to be able to complete the course and maximise its benefits. If you join any of our programs, we can assist in facilitation of a clear aligner portal for you via Ormco (Spark).

What clear aligners or companies do you recommend?

Some options include Invisalign, Spark, SureSmile and AngelAlign. Please contact individual companies to obtain access as we are independent from manufacturers. We do not recommend Invisalign Go or aligner products that  limit tooth movements.

What equipment will I need to complete the course?

You will need a digital camera; photographic retractors and mirrors, a working laptop with access to video conferencing tools and access to a functional dental clinic. You must be a licenced practicing dental practitioner with dental indemnity insurance to do this course.

You must have access to the list below when starting the diplomas:

  • Dental examination and restorative instruments and resin / GIC based bonding materials
  • PVS impression material and trays or a digital intraoral scanner
  • Computers with a webcam and microphone and relevant word-processing and presentation software
  • Digital cameras and related equipment for orthodontic record taking
  • Online access to a range of clear aligner systems, materials and laboratory
  • Range of patients (real or simulated) with varying dental conditions and wide age groups.

For assessment purposes do I have to treat my patients or simply present records?

It is not mandatory for treatment to commence, progress or be completed during your enrolment period, however it is recommended to start cases to gain further skills.

You will need a child and an adult patient from your daily practice for whom you will complete orthodontic examination, full records, record analysis, space analysis as well as arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan using evidence based biomechanics. PowerPoint templates will be provided to assist you in case presentations, we also provide past participant examples that have been successful.


What kind of cases will I be able to treat after graduation? Do you cover early treatment cases?

The AU accredited Graduate Diploma will give you the knowledge and skills to be able to treat mild to moderate cases including early treatment, deep bites in adults and children, Class II correction, expansion of the upper jaw in children and the majority of Class I cases with clear aligners.

This is our most comprehensive diploma program and most beginners will start anywhere from 2-10 clear aligner cases within first year of joining us.

What clear aligner system is taught?

We are not specific to any aligner system and teach principles that allow you to use any aligner system. Currently we recommend Invisalign, AngelAlign, SureSmile and Spark. However, if there is a particular system you work with, we can still teach the principles and mentor cases with your system.

Please note – We do not recommend Invisalign Go as it restricts tooth movements and do not coach for cases being treated with it.

How soon after the course will I be able to start treating patients with clear aligners?

We recommend starting at least two orthodontic clear aligner cases during the period of study to get the greatest benefit from the course. In our experience, most beginners start their first case within the first 6 months of enrolment and many go on to about ten cases by the end of the course.


What is the cost?

Click here for cost information on our courses :

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards. Surcharges apply between 1-2% depending on the card type. This is calculated at the time of payment online. Click here to view our payment options:

Are payment plans available?

Yes. We offer Payment plans for all our courses and services. Click here to view our payment options and payment plan partners:

What is the benefit of an upfront payment?

We do not discount upfront payments. The entire course content is available with full payment allowing you to fast track your Diploma completion with this option.


Will the Diploma be recognised by AHPRA?

AHPRA mandates that “You must only perform dental treatments that you have been educated and trained in, and that you are competent in”. The Graduate Diploma aims to increase your skills and knowledge in the field of clear aligners and digital orthodontic treatments. At this stage we do not have any affiliations with AHPRA, however this may change in the future

Who is the accrediting body?

For the Australian accredited 10905NAT Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatments the awarding body is the Digital Orthodontic College. The Digital Orthodontic College is the accrediting body and is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 45506) recognised by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

For the UK accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics, the awarding body is EduQual in the UK.

Where can I download the program guide?

Please visit the link here to download the course guides or contact us for more info:

Is there any mentoring available after the course?

Yes, the 10905NAT Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatments has unrivalled alumni support. Our alumni support ranges from complimentary packages to paid subscriptions after your program. Visit this page to learn more

We recommend BOSS CLUB which is a subscription-based annual services that entitles our alumni to have Dr Katyal as their virtual orthodontic consultant. Dr Katyal will help answer unlimited questions about case diagnosis and help with up to 10 patients for treatment including preparation of their digital simulation. As part of BOSS CLUB you will also receive complimentary live webinar access for case coaching sessions during your subscription period.


What is digital orthodontics?

The dental world is very quickly becoming digital. Clear aligners and digital orthodontics are overtaking fixed braces, which will become obsolete in future years. Treatments are planned on the computer, online predicted simulations are created ahead of time and active treatment can be monitored remotely using the very latest in dental technology.

Why is BOSS Course/ Digital Orthodontic College for me?

As the dental world becomes more digital, our education has to move with the times in the same way to keep up. General dentists do not have the same training as orthodontists and as a result we need to bridge that gap.

The Digital Orthodontic College teaches you everything you need to succeed in the new era of digital orthodontics, and provides the only orthodontist-led nationally recognised diploma. We are also 100% online and self-paced so you can start whenever you like and no travel is required.

Do you have courses for Hygienist or Dental Therapists?

We are in the process of creating new courses all the time. Please contact us via the contact us form to stay updated with our new courses:

Who is Dr Vandana Katyal?

Dr Vandana Katyal – Course Director and Leading Orthodontist.

BDS (Syd), MScMed (Syd), DClinDent Ortho (Adel), MBA, MRACDS, MOrth RCSEd, Cert IV in Training and Assessment (2021).

Dr Vandana Katyal is an Australian certified and registered Specialist Orthodontist since 2013. She is highly experienced in delivering the latest, most efficient and most comfortable invisible orthodontic treatments.

Dr Katyal earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2001 and her Master of Science in Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) at The University of Sydney in 2010.

In 2013, Dr Katyal completed her Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics from The University of Adelaide and Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

In 2019 she completed a Master of Business Administration and the world’s most innovative Design Thinking bootcamp from Stanford University. Her aligner-based orthodontic practice is based in Sydney  where she treats mild to complex orthodontic cases with clear aligners and digital technologies.

More info HERE

How can I test drive BOSS course content?

Our Youtube is a wealth of infomation on clinical tips, foundational orthodontic videos, clear aligners cases and testimonials. You can also watch introductory diploma videos as well as learn about assessment requirements – CLICK HERE.

What People Are Saying

  • I completed the BOSS UK Diploma in 2021 and when it became available, signed up for the AU course as well. I completed the AU course at the end of last year and can honestly say BOSS (now Digital Orthodontic College) has completely changed my approach to clear aligner treatments and increased my confidence with treatment planning immensely. The fact that the course is 100% online was a huge drawcard for me initially since I have two young children, work clinically part-time and run my own business. It allowed me the flexibility to study when I had the chance and didn’t result in any loss of clinical time. Dr V is extremely passionate about orthodontics and more importantly sharing her wisdom and that comes through in her approach to teaching. The course is extremely comprehensive (NB: the AU course has quite a few complex assessments) and covers everything starting from the basics of tooth movement, which sets a good foundation and is therefore suitable even for beginners. The monthly/bimonthly webinars allow students to share cases and is a safe space, non-judgmental and therefore an incredible learning platform. I had been doing clear aligner treatments prior to starting this course, but BOSS helped me see patients with new eyes and has overhauled my treatment planning approach. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in learning, or to extend their knowledge about, clear aligner treatments.

    Thank you so much Dr V!

    Dr Lora Banicevic, Dentist NSW
  • The Australian accredited 10905NAT Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatment offers comprehensive training in the field, gives the candidate the opportunity to do things in a self-paced manner, while getting a personalised 1-on-1 learning experience with Dr Vandana Katyal. It was an excellent choice for me and gave me the flexibility to get the well-designed training done in my own time frame. I would strongly recommend the course to any practitioners who is looking to upskill themselves with a no-compromise high quality course, while also having to juggle between busy practices and family schedules.

    Dr Charles Sun, Dentist WA
  • I started this course unsure of how much I would benefit. The in-person lectures were fantastic (although the course is now 100% online) where I made good friends and learned a lot. The online resources are extensive and second to none, accessible at your convenience. The webinars were great – usually with the right mix of teaching, cases demonstrated and the attendees’ cases being discussed. I was also invited to deliver a webinar on intra-oral scanners, 3D printers and in house aligner manufacturing (from a dentist’s point of view) – which I enjoyed.
    Most of all the course gave significantly more confidence what can be done with aligners, how plan the setup efficiently with the end in mind and how to make the processes to get there smoother. As a result, a MUCH larger chunk of my work is now aligner based. My conversion rate for aligner treatments has definitely increased along with my confidence. The course has easily paid for itself. Full disclosure: I was invited to deliver a webinar on intra-oral scanners, 3D printers and in house aligner manufacture to my BOSS batch mates, which I also thoroughly enjoyed doing. I declined any remuneration for this, although it was offered.
    Dr Shammi Moopen, Dentist VIC
  • Since I have joined the postgraduate diploma in orthodontics I have noticed all the applied practical learning/knowledge on my patients and I am only half way through the year. Dr Vandana is a genuine educator. She goes way beyond to simplify every lecture and I really like her evidence based information and that is available for us 24/7. Her webinars helped a lot for busy dentists and loved the feedback we get in the one on one sessions with our cases. It make us think every step of the way. But the best thing I like is to see she is giving back to the community and her association with Smile Train in helping children with cleft palate is just beyond words. Thank you so much for being nice and approachable.

    Dr Claudia Braybon, Dentist NSW
  • Received my Diploma in Digital Orthodontics from BOSS and couldn’t be more stoked! Huge shout out to Dr Vandana Katyal and the BOSS team for a wonderful year. I would recommend BOSS to every dentist no matter their level of experience with Orthodontics and clear aligners. Starting off with barely any orthodontic experience, I have commenced about 9 cases in the matter of months and BOSS gave me the confidence to predictably deliver results for my patients through clear aligners which are the future of modern orthodontics.
    Dr Sarang Sathe, Dentist NSW
  • I chose Boss’s clear aligner diploma because I wanted to know the latest evidence based practice to enhance my treatment planning and case execution. I now have a much better understanding of how to diagnose, what movements can be done and what will get me into trouble. The flexible nature of the course delivery also fit perfectly into full time work and my otherwise packed schedule. The monthly case presentation webinars are also great to not only get feedback from Dr Katyal, but also to validate your own thoughts self-assess and see how you are tracking with your learning.

    Dr Gregory Nguyễn, Dentist NSW

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