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A 100% online CPD course designed for Dental and Oral Health Therapists as well as Dental Hygienists to be a successful auxiliary to an orthodontic practice focusing on clear aligner techniques and emerging virtual digital technologies.

Course Overview

Now that you have the ability to deliver digital orthodontic treatments to patients, wouldn’t it be great to have your support team on the same page? BOSS is proud to announce the launch of a brand new course designed to achieve exactly that.

By equipping your team with the skills they need to support you in your clear aligner cases, you can better spend your time focusing on treating patients.

Delivered entirely online, the Orthodontist-led course requires around three hours of self-paced study a week over a six-month period. With access to secure chat and support forums, as well as an online dentistry library, the course is accredited for 75 hours of CPD points.

Why should you enrol to this course? Here are the top reasons.

  • Learn how to support the dental practitioner for clear aligner treatments, at your pace with flexible 24/7 online learning.
  • Start at any time you wish.
  • No travel required, save on cost and time.
  • An Orthodontist-led program delivering a high standard of knowledge and skills.
  • Access to a secure online chat forum with BOSS participating dentists and auxillaries to ask clinical questions, network or get opinions.
  • Access to an online dentistry library via ScienceDirect.
  • Access to a free secure alumni chat forum to continue learning after the course.
  • Upskill and enhance your scope to work in a digital orthodontic practice with latest 3D and virtual technologies.

Topics Covered

Module 1 – Take and Present Orthodontic Records

  • Preparing for and performing orthodontic photography and radiography
  • Editing orthodontic photographs
  • Preparing for and taking digital impressions (scans)
  • Creating STL files for export to various online portals

Module 2 – Upload digital records to online orthodontic portals for clear aligner therapy

  • Preparing orthodontic records for digital upload as guided by dental practitioner
  • Uploading orthodontic records
  • Modification of STL file for 3D printing of orthodontic study models
  • Using and managing technologies like 3D printers such as SprintRay
  • Fabricating vacuum formed orthodontic retainers on 3D printed models

Module 3 – Identify and assess orthodontic problems

  • Identification of early treatment needs such as crossbites, abnormal soft tissue habits, overjet and various eruption anomalies.
  • Creation of an orthodontic problem list
  • Assessment of airway abnormalities in children
  • Assessment of oral hygiene and dental health in a potential orthodontic patient
  • Identifying referral need and creating referral letters

Module 4 – Deliver and assist in clear aligner therapy as planned by dental practitioner

  • Preparing for and bonding attachments as directed by dental practitioner
  • Removing attachments as directed by dental practitioner
  • Placing and removing buttons as directed by dental practitioner
  • Determining next appointment in consultation with dental practitioner
  • Managing emergencies and broken appliances
  • Bonding a direct fixed lingual retainer
  • Bonding an indirect fixed lingual retainer
  • Issuing passive removable retainers
  • Providing patients instructions for clear aligner therapy, retainers, whitening, separators, elastics, revisions, interproximal reduction and remote monitoring
  • Assist in providing informed consent to patient prior to treatment starting

Module 5 – Perform interproximal reduction as planned by dental practitioner

  • Preparing patient for interproximal reduction
  • Performing interproximal reduction – manually and with mechanical drivers
  • Verifying that IPR was performed appropriately
  • Understanding evidence for interproximal reduction procedures

Module 6 – Perform and utilise virtual technologies in digital orthodontics

  • Using virtual consultation apps and tools online such as SmileMate
  • Reviewing SmileMate virtual consultation submissions
  • Activating various protocols for virtual appointments (remote monitoing) via Dental Monitoring
  • Instructing patients on using dental monitoring
  • Managing and coordinating Dental Monitoring dashboard and alerts as instructed by the treating dental practitioner

Study Mode:

100% Online 24/7 availability, to be completed within 6 months. START at any time as it is self-paced. No travel required. All clinical demonstrations are provided via recorded high-definition videos supplemented with written notes, templates and handouts.

Time required:

3 hrs per week for 6 months.

Who is this course for?

Dental Team members who are interested in developing effective and efficient supporting role for dental practitioners practicing clear aligners orthodontic treatments and emerging orthodontic techniques.

It is best suited for:

Dental Hygienists and Therapists anywhere in the world.
**It can also be suited for: Treatment Coordinators and Orthodontic Assistants who would like to progress in their careers to Dental Hygiene, Therapy or Dentistry.

Cost: All prices are in AUD and GST free.

Upfront: Total $2900.
All course content is available at once to fast pace studies.

Payplan: Total $3200.
An initial deposit of $1200 is required followed by payments of $400 per month for 5 months. Course is drip-fed with a module a month.

Not sure which course is right for you? Download our Course Comparison Guide

What People Are Saying

  • I started this course unsure of how much I would benefit. The in-person lectures were fantastic (although the course is now 100% online) where I made good friends and learned a lot. The online resources are extensive and second to none, accessible at your convenience. The webinars were great – usually with the right mix of teaching, cases demonstrated and the attendees’ cases being discussed. I was also invited to deliver a webinar on intra-oral scanners, 3D printers and in house aligner manufacturing (from a dentist’s point of view) – which I enjoyed.
    Most of all the course gave significantly more confidence what can be done with aligners, how plan the setup efficiently with the end in mind and how to make the processes to get there smoother. As a result, a MUCH larger chunk of my work is now aligner based. My conversion rate for aligner treatments has definitely increased along with my confidence. The course has easily paid for itself. Full disclosure: I was invited to deliver a webinar on intra-oral scanners, 3D printers and in house aligner manufacture to my BOSS batch mates, which I also thoroughly enjoyed doing. I declined any remuneration for this, although it was offered.
    Dr Shammi Moopen, Dentist, VIC
  • Having always steered away from clear aligners and only stuck with fixed braces, I’ve finally decided to give aligners a go this year. BOSS is extremely practical, informative and backed up by heaps of research. Dr. V is a great mentor, she’s always helpful and truthful. The team at BOSS and CCC smiles are just amazing, always there to help you whenever you need, even if it was a question that’s been repetitively asked many many times. I would highly recommend BOSS to anyone who wishes to start their journey in digital orthodontics. With Dr. V and her team behind me, my confidence level is soooo much higher and I feel like I am delivering my treatment to a higher standard and overall making me a better clinician. Thank you Dr. V!!

    Dr Claire Chiu, Dentist QLD
  • I joined BOSS in 2018 for the full year, and the wealth of knowledge that Vandana shares is immeasurable! This course is perfect for absolute beginners and also those with more experience, and Vandana caters it perfectly for the whole group. All her information is evidence based and very relatable for general dentists, giving you information that those “generic” 1-3 day clear aligner courses cannot give you. BOSS is a very comprehensive course. I highly recommend it, I plan to join BOSS again!

    Dr Michelle Sujenie, Dentist VIC
  • Since I have joined the postgraduate diploma in orthodontics I have noticed all the applied practical learning/knowledge on my patients and I am only half way through the year. Dr Vandana is a genuine educator. She goes way beyond to simplify every lecture and I really like her evidence based information and that is available for us 24/7. Her webinars helped a lot for busy dentists and loved the feedback we get in the one on one sessions with our cases. It make us think every step of the way. But the best thing I like is to see she is giving back to the community and her association with Smile Train in helping children with cleft palate is just beyond words. Thank you so much for being nice and approachable.

    Dr Claudia Braybon, Dentist
  • Received my Diploma in Digital Orthodontics from BOSS and couldn’t be more stoked! Huge shout out to Dr Vandana Katyal and the BOSS team for a wonderful year. I would recommend BOSS to every dentist no matter their level of experience with Orthodontics and clear aligners. Starting off with barely any orthodontic experience, I have commenced about 9 cases in the matter of months and BOSS gave me the confidence to predictably deliver results for my patients through clear aligners which are the future of modern orthodontics.
    Dr Sarang Sathe, Dentist NSW
  • Dr Katyal shares so much of her own protocol and is extremely generous not only with her time but with the well thought out information she provides along with the course such as inventory lists, marketing material and case presentation templates. She tailors her advice to your own experience and helps with appropriate case selection, points out possible pitfalls and helps you understand how to overcome them. The course is also up-to-date using the latest technologies in orthodontics and is heavily evidence-based.

    I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start doing some orthodontic treatment or looking for a more comprehensive course to assist in some ortho they are already doing.

    Dr Becky Dudman, Melbourne

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